Journal of Literaure Studies

This is to inform the readers of Our Journal of Drama Studies that henceforth it will appear under the new title – The Journal of Literature Studies. Although the journal under the original title had a successful run between 2006 and 2015, with international contributions always coming forth, especially from reputed scholars including Lisa Hopkins (U.K.), R.S. White (Australia), Rita Severi (Itlay), S. Swaminathan (India). The need to change the Journal’s name was necessitated by our decision to enlarge the scope of our scholarly publication, and make it all inclusive with sections one each on Creative Writing, Literary Criticism, Translation, Reviews and Notes. After having brought out three issues of the new enlarged edition, we can happily announce that the contributions have come forth not only in much larger number but also from more areas of literature and criticism, enhancing the Journal’s international reputation amply indicated by the number and variety of contributions from Europe and America, Australia and Canada. The Indian scholars have been all the more enthusiastic because with double the number of languages India has than those in the entire Europe, the wider scope of the Journal, especially the Translation section offers much greater opportunities to variety of scholars than did the earlier specialized interest of The Drama Studies
With the cooperation of our foreign scholars and contributors and with the increasing interest of the Indian scholars of literature in even languages other than English, we feel assured, that our new version of larger scope would do even better than the decade-long run of the original covering the special field of Drama Studies.

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